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DrM (Dr. Mueller) is a Swiss manufacturer of technically sophisticated, fully enclosed, fully automatic candle filtration systems (also known as tubular pressure filters) for solid/liquid separation. Our FUNDABAC® Filter is our core product with more than 3500 systems in operation worldwide.  Our candle filters have built-in filter cake washing, drying and discharge capabilities.  There are many chemical filtration applications for FUNDABAC® Filters. A short list of applications includes specialty and fine chemicals, resins, epoxies, additives, catalysts, catalyst recovery, chlor alkali, hydrogenation, pigments, polymers, polyol, etc. The entire list is far more extensive. 

The advantages that our filters offer include virtually no operator intervention during the filtration process, dry or wet cake discharge, batch or continuous operation, our patented heel volume filtration resulting in waste minimization, as well as precious materials recovery. 

DrM is a firm believer in field service testing as a means of predicting results. We offer our customers our impressive fleet of lab and industrial scale pilot filters as a means of demonstrating the technical and commercial benefits of our filters.  Successful testing gives our customer a level of comfort that scale-up is achievable on a consistent basis.  Additionally, it allows us to provide process guarantees in specific circumstances.  Brad Moakler, our technically savy Houston-based field service representative can assist in the testing/piloting phase.

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